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Bownik’s “Disassembly” is an artist’s book in which a photographic project has been brought to the form of a non-standard picture album. The main role here is played by flowers, which the authors disassembles into parts using DIY tools and then reassembles in possibly unchanged form. 

For deconstruction purposes Bownik uses glues, adhesive tapes, ropes, precisely measuring the distances between the leaves, noting them in pencil on the leaves themselves and photographing them. The resulting images, informed by the still-life tradition, perfectly imitate and evoke that which has been subjected to a destructive process. Hypnotizing the viewer with their deformed charm, they also create an uncomfortable sense of participating in a strange experiment. Beginning with the cover image and progressing through a series of collages and drawings, the book’s narrative culminates in the middle part and comes to a conclusion with a series of sketches.

Hans Ulrich Obrist in conversation with Walther König

Hans Ulrich Obrist buys a book everyday. It is a ritual he started about 20 years ago. He buys the books at different places, wherever he happens to be. But he especially likes to perform this daily Tarkovskian ritual at a place he refers to as “paradise”: the Walther König bookstore. The legendary business was founded in Cologne in 1969 by Walther König (b.1939), soon to become one of the world’s pre-eminent addresses for art-related literature and a hotbed of intellectual exchange (apart from the parent location, the bookstore now maintains branches across Germany, in Vienna, and in London)

"It’s him – his bookshop, his building, all the books, his publishing – it’s a beautiful, holistic thing."

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"The idea of Book for Architects comes from the realisation that given the scale of the impact, there really isn’t much public discussion about this. For instance in London, in the 1990s: what were all these spray-on balconies, and cheap wood façades that looked absolutely shit after three years? Architecture is a long-term project, yet is often thought about in a very short-term way – just for visual effect."

Wolfgang Tillmans talks about his “Book for Architects” on

When Subcultures Converge: Oliver Sieber’s “Imaginary Club” – A self-published monograph exploring otherness around the globe

For his latest book, German photographer Oliver Sieber appropriates two very different modes of so-called documentary photography towards a fictional end, using pictures of real people and places to form a complex portrait inside an “Imaginary Club.”

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Karl Hugo Schmölz (1917-1986) portrayed the post-war architecture, during the so-called economic miracle, the “Wirtschaftswunder”. With his pictures he showed a vision of a better future and closed the gap between August Sander and Bernd and Hilla Becher.

What a beautiful and mysterious work from Martina Hoogland Ivanow. Speedway, a motorcycle race out of this world.

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twelvebooks distribution list 2014:


photographed by Martina Hoogland Ivanow

240 x 295 mm

hardcover / 84 pages / color

limited edition of 666 copies / numbered

published by LIVRAISON BOOKS

8,800 yen + tax